Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Essay Editing: 10 Quick Steps You Can Take Right Now

Essay Editing

Sure, college essays are all different. And there's no universal recipe for successful essay editing. However, there are some typical errors, which can be found in most students' papers. Here are 10 steps you might take to improve your papers in no time.

Essay Editing: 5 Quick Steps to Better Grammar

Actually, today everyone can be an editing guru. Simply turn on your spellchecker (it's usually built into the text editor you use), check all the underlined sentences and here you go – a brilliant essay editor.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Write My Essay: Why Asking for Help Is Totally Normal

Write My Essay

I must confess there was a time when I hated writing. A 2 page essay could bring me to despair. Every essay or a research paper meant stress, liters of coffee, and a headache.

There are 2 things I wish I knew when I was in college. The first is that employers couldn’t care less about my grades. And the second one is that there's nothing embarrassing in asking somebody to write my essay.

Actually, there are at least 5 reasons why asking for help with homework is totally normal.