Wednesday, October 23, 2013

7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me about Freelance Writing

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever given up something only because it turned out to be a bit harder than you expected. If a pic doesn't load from the first attempt, you (just like me and millions of other users) are most likely to close it and forget about it forever. That's why it’s terribly important to have realistic expectations from freelance writing before going into it.

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting into It

When someone tells you that freelance writing is a bed of roses, they can really mean it. They probably simply forget to mention a few interesting details I personally wish someone had told me.

Freelance Writing Is More than Simply Writing

It's a complete surprise and shocking news. From my experience, freelance writing is only 40% about writing and 60% about communicating with clients and freelance agencies. Paradoxically, when we quit our old office job, we sigh with relief – 'now I am my boss'. Happiness lasts no longer than a couple of days though. Then it is replaced with nostalgia – as now we have to hunt for projects on our own, which turns out to be not an easy task at all.

Standing Out Is a Challenge

As a beginner in freelance writing, you get access to more or less interesting projects only if you have skyrocketing rating, masterpiece samples, and delighted feedbacks from tens or better if hundreds of users.

Never mind. It’s only a stage that will pass by. You will get noticed and you will stand out… after at least a couple months of hard work.

Flexible Schedule Means All Kinds of Things

Go for freelance writing they said. You will like a flexible schedule they said.

In reality, flexible working hours often mean working late at night or even round the clock. Actually, you'd better be available and connected 24/7. What if a client suffers from insomnia and has some brilliant ideas to share with you?

Please ignore these weird requirements, stay healthy and focus on a big picture.

Freelancers Can Feel Lonely

Just like working in a team, working on your own requires special skills and habits. Whenever you feel lonely and lost, like a pilgrim in a desert, visit professional forums – ask questions and never hesitate to share your own wisdom with others.

Professional Connections Are Crucial

Working on your own is great, but sometimes you will still need the help of other people. Make connections with other writers who might want to work with you on big projects and even designers who might make some of your projects look much better. Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn can be just perfect for building such connections.

Some of Your Best Ideas Won’t Get Proper Acclaim

Simply accept it. You can’t be fully objective about your ideas. So are the clients.

Small Projects Are Better Than Nothing

Don't wait for the BIG project for too long. Several small projects can make you a decent salary. After all, beginning is never easy.

So, these were my 7 personal discoveries about freelance writing. Would you add yours to this list?

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