Thursday, December 26, 2013

Do You Make These 8 Awful Mistakes in Report Writing?

Report Writing

Many students hate writing reports as this type of academic papers requires precision and lots of specific data. Of course, students cannot afford expressing their opinion or provide numerous quotes, which makes writing easier and less time-consuming. Report writing doesn't allow going these easy ways. Students need to be attentive, precise and really hardworking. However, even the most diligent students make some frustrating mistakes. You have to know about these mistakes as wise guys say, "Forewarned is forearmed". So, make sure you never make these 8 awful mistakes in report writing.

Formatting Mistakes

  1. Missing sections. All students know that there are three major parts in a paper:
    • body,
    • and conclusion.
    Reports are more structured papers which have six major parts. These sections are:
    • introduction,
    • method,
    • results/findings,
    • discussion,
    • conclusions
    • and recommendations.
    Some students think their reports are unique and don’t have to follow the standard structure. Never make such a mistake and make sure all sections are in their right places!
  2. No aim. Each student states his/her aims and goals in their admission essays. Report must include the aim as well. Do not forget to write what the purpose of your report is. It must be stated in your introduction. This will help you be focused.
  3. Findings. While writing reports, students obtain a lot of data. Each bit of information seems of paramount importance and many students include packs of numbers. This is an awful mistake. Choose key data only!
  4. Recommendations. It is hard to believe but this section is a sanctuary of mistakes. Somehow, students lose control of their creativity and lose sense of reality. They suggest really effective but absolutely unrealistic solutions. Do not forget that your report must be applicable in the real world setting, not in the world of elves or Terminators.
  5. No subheadings. Some students get so excited that they actually know what to write, they forget how to write these papers. Extensive use of charts and sophisticated analysis does not compensate lack of subheadings. Make sure your reader can easily follow the paper and see where some data and where your conclusions are.
  6. Writing Errors

  7. Grammar. Clearly, report writing is associated with numerous grammar mistakes. Students tend to misuse linking words (e.g. on the contrary, on the other hand, furthermore, etc.). They often excessively use passive voice. Do not forget to proofread your report to avoid grammar, spelling and other mistakes.
  8. Style. It is also surprising that students still make an awful mistake and think they are writing reports for their classmates. Students often use contractions and even colloquialism. By the way, you cannot start your sentences with BUT or AND in a formal paper. Some students make a different mistake and think that reports should have complicated structures. They write long sentences and forget about the meaning. Make sure that, at least, you can understand what you are driving at.
  9. Referencing. Some students fail to provide enough support to their findings. Of course, your opinion is of great value for teachers. However, it is good idea to show that other scholars have similar views. Of course, do not forget to paraphrase. Try not to quote in your reports.
Now you know how not to write your report. You also know what needs special attention during proofreading. Be attentive and you will come up with great ideas and write perfect papers!

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