Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Warning: Use These Free Essays Online at Your Own Risk

Finding free essays online is a true challenge. First, most of online essays are not actually free (be careful with those teasers and small previews). Second, some of those documents you dig out are not truly essays (no clear thesis statement, no logical structure and no proper referencing).

So, challenge accepted. I’m now rolling up my sleeves and I'm going to find at least 7 decent resources for you. Read on.

Here’s Where You Really Can Access Free Essays Online

Well, it took me some time. I did the hard work for you and read all the long 'terms of use' pages (including even the fine print).

And here're some true gems I’ve discovered:

LogoLinkNumber of free essaysComment
1echeat.comhttp://www.echeat.com/>150,000I signed up (it took me about 3 minutes) and they kindly provided me with access to a full essay for FREE. Hooray!
2custom-writing.orghttp://custom-writing.org/free-essays>50After several hours of tortures, I’ve almost lost hope but then I’ve finally found this spot. Though this database isn’t too large, the essays are really free. Only 10 seconds to guess the capture code and the essay is available for download.
3helpfulpapers.comhttp://helpfulpapers.com/free-essays>8Yep, only a few essays. But you can access them in only 1 click and in record time – no verification or sign up.
4freeessaysamples.comhttp://freeessaysamples.com/No dataQuality essays in different categories. Checked them – they are free.
5education.comhttp://www.education.com/No dataLoads of information in various topics. Some truly good essays.

So, after I've been through all this - I assure you that free online essays do exist, but they are incredibly hard to find.

Use Free Essays Online Responsibly

So, all these essays definitely deserve your attention. However, you should be careful if you decide to use them. Here are a few precautions:
  • Use them only as a source of inspiration.
  • Avoid using full excerpts from these papers in your projects to avoid plagiarism.
  • Never download files with .exe extension – believe me they can be anything but not free essays.

I hope my post will save you from hours of fruitless and agonizing online searches of free essays. Enjoy!

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  1. Too bad you weren't doing this back when I was in college, Diane. Great tips and post. Keep up the good work. Those students out there should take advantage of your help.