Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top 40 Persuasive Essay Topics Your Teachers Will Adore

Good persuasive essay topics are hard to find. Some of them are too common, so they don’t arouse your interest in the very least. Others, such as abortion or death penalty, are too pessimistic. I brainstormed some fresh ideas to create the following collection of 40 interesting and optimistic topics for argumentative essays or speeches for you.

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Eating Ramen is better than eating nothing.
  2. A face expression is more important than clothes.
  3. A student can prepare for any exam overnight.
  4. There’s no bad weather if you wear appropriate clothes.
  5. The addiction to coffee is dangerous.
  6. Overusing Instagram can lead to narcissistic symptoms in teenagers.
  7. Cat pics on the Internet are the best stress relievers ever.
  8. Kids shouldn’t learn hand writing nowadays – typing is enough.
  9. Gaming is a new kind of sports.
  10. Reading helps people develop empathy.

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Too much money spoils kids.
  2. Abandoning pets should be outlawed.
  3. There are situations when white lies are an absolute necessity.
  4. TV ads form unhealthy body images in teens.
  5. Babysitting requires a license of taking parenting courses.
  6. Social media makes people better communicators.
  7. Teens should be allowed to choose their bedtime.
  8. People should give up paper books and newspapers to save trees.
  9. Single sex colleges are more effective.
  10. Living in a coed dorm is a useful life experience.

Fresh Ideas for Persuasive Essays

  1. Favorite music can tell a lot about individual’s personality.
  2. Red wine does more good than harm to health.
  3. Sense of humor is the best coping strategy.
  4. History is cyclical but humanity can’t learn its lessons.
  5. The given name influences the child’s destiny.
  6. There’s no sense memorizing something you can find in books or online.
  7. Parents’ moral support is more important than financial help.
  8. The autohypnosis and placebo effect are the most effective cures.
  9. Good rest is necessary for good work.
  10. Perfectionism kills creativity.

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should kids have cell phones in kindergarten?
  2. Tattoos are an outdated way to self-expression.
  3. Stereotypes can help avoid mistakes.
  4. Men make better comedians than women.
  5. The weirdest pick up lines always work.
  6. Boys gossip more than girls.
  7. Separate TV sets can save families.
  8. The mismatched socks escape from the owners who violate their rights.
  9. Everyone behaves awkward when s/he really likes someone.
  10. Politicians should have lie detectors on them all the time.

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