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Sustainable Development Essay Sample You’ve Been Looking For

Do you know what that new buzz word 'sustainability' actually means? It means that manufactures shouldn't do harm to the planet. They should use modern technologies, minimizing emissions and waste. It’s also called 'going green'.

Simple as it sounds. However, it’s not that easy when you need to write an essay about it.

That's why I've created this 5 paragraph sustainable development essay sample. I hope it will help somebody.

Sustainable Development Essay Sample: Introduction

The origin of the concept of sustainable development dates back to the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm. Since then, the protection of the environment has become a crucial element of most business and social programs Rogers, Jalal, & Boyd, 2008). The growing recognition that human actions have a significant negative impact on the planet’s ecosystems marked a turning point in the world’s development. (Attention please, here goes a thesis statement!) Even though the environmentally friendly technologies are costly and imply a number of hidden risks, the economic benefits of long-term sustainable development strategies make it worthwhile.

Sustainable Development Essay Sample: Main Body

The transition to a green economy through selecting the environmentally friendly strategies is associated with a number of challenges and potential risks. First, the same approaches won’t suit both developing and developed countries. The principle of ‘one size fits all’ might have negative implications and undesirable consequences for the struggling countries and businesses (Blewitt, 2009). In particular, the adoption of the innovative technologies requires proper ground and training for the staff, so that the managers’ and employees’ get proper understanding of the importance and expected outcomes of the initiatives. The lack of proper understanding of the company’s mission might make the structural changes ineffective and even harmful. Therefore, the transition to sustainable development requires sufficient preparation, detailed analysis and strategic planning.

Despite the difficulties of the transition, the measures to conserve the natural resources, through collaboration, delivery of innovative solutions and market transformation, brings economic wins and efficiency gains to businesses and community (Pearce, Barbier, & Markandya, 1997). Considering specific examples of businesses, which decided to go green to make their processes greener, such well-known giants as Coca-Cola and Google, reported that the sustainable development path has proved to be beneficial to them. Showing to their consumers that they are concerned about saving the planet and making this world a better place contributes to the companies’ positive marketing image. For instance, Coca-Cola management admitted that most of the ingredients included in their beverages are grown on fields; making the technologies they use more savvy, the company joined the global initiative for protecting and restoring the species and their habitats. The same goes for Google which take seriously their corporate responsibility and massively invest in renewable energies.

Sustainable Development Essay Sample: Conclusion

Despite the fact that putting the sustainable development strategies in practice can be a challenge, the companies choosing this path reported significant benefits on different levels. Provided that the company takes appropriate measures for preparing its divisions for structural changes and educating the staff on the significance and potential benefits of going green, the company gets economic gains. The giants, like Coca-Cola, Google and many others, chose to contribute to the global initiative of sustainable development and achieved noticeable results in terms of their marketing images and economic gains.

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I hope some of you would benefit from this example of a sustainable development essay.

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